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What is Family Engagement?

Family engagement. Parent involvement. Student achievement. As an educator, you hear these words on a daily basis, but perhaps you're struggling to find real solutions for real improvement. You may have discovered that few student achievement programs offer a measurable family engagement process that brings results — until now. Family Friendly Schools is a family engagement process that provides a proven, clear path to success. And because Family Friendly Schools was developed by educators, we understand the challenges you face every day so that no child is left behind.

We are Family Friendly Schools and we are
The Leading Practitioners of Family Engagement.

Our Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Joni Samples, is past Superintendent of the year in California and has an impressive background combining academic credentials with practical service as a lifelong educator. Using examples from both her professional and personal life (she has four children), 'Dr. Joni' brings humorous, inspiring, and practical methods to reach children through family engagement. In her award-winning and highly-acclaimed book series, The Parent Playbooks, Dr. Joni brings families the world over a wonderful, age-specific, low-cost, and fun compilation of activities for the entire family that lead to improved family engagement and higher learning outcomes. And best of all, the activities in The Parent Playbooks are matched to the new National Core Standards!

Dr. Joni's practical, measurable approach to family engagement and parent involvement, The Engage! All Families Workshop is available to education leaders across the country through Family Friendly Schools. We have a proven process whereby we can measure the level of Family Engagement in your school and district. After measuring it, we work with you to increase that level and to create long-term, sustainable, systemic cultural change. Finally, we again measure your level of engagement and help you determine any other sub-group specific areas of need.

Isn't it time for all children to start learning?


The Parent Connection:
Now More than Just a Great Book!

Dr. Joni Samples, highly-acclaimed book, The Parent Connection: An Educator's Guide to Family Engagement, is now a focused, practical, and inspiring one or two-day workshop! 

Do you have an upcoming Professional Development Day and want to make the most of it? We guarantee not to waste your time and we are confident you will find this workshop both insightful and affordable. Check out our on-line brochure The Parent Connection Workshop or just give us a call at 530-899-8423 to schedule your Parent Connection Workshop today.